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Major Types Of Access Doors

Access doors are versatile units meant for different applications in any building. In most instances, access doors are used to allow access to closed spaces behind walls, ceiling, or floors. Though most designs are large enough to grant access to a normal human being, most designs, especially those meant to grant access only are considerably small. From a design perspective, access doors are design to align and fit into the surfaces they are installed for both aesthetic and practical reasons. That said, here are some major classifications of access doors.

General-purpose access doors

These type of access doors are meant for general use but also serve an important role. They are mainly installed on ceilings or walls in a way that ensures they do not interfere with the general outlay. They are highly preferred by individuals who are not overly concerned about things like special fire codes or in areas where top security is not a major point of concern.

Fire rated access doors

Some access doors, especially those installed in areas where fire safety is a major concern should be designed to meet the highest possible fire safety standards. So, these types of access doors are normally tightly sealed to avoid drafts. Using general access to an area where safety is a top concern is unacceptable. If possible, if you need a fire rated access that will conceal electrical wiring, exhaust systems, or flammable material, get a door designed for that specific application.

Drywall access doors

Most residential and commercial walls have a drywall that is used to fill wooden skeletons or wooden frames. When it comes to accessing areas around these walls, you need a drywall access panel that will provide access and at the same time offer a tight seal. The best time to install drywall access walls is during the initial construction phase.

Exterior access the doors

windows 22Most access doors are designed to allow indoor access to specific elements. However, other parts can only be accessed from outside. Such doors are designed in a way that ensures that you are not exposed to external conditions. Since you are also not in a position to control what happens out there, these doors must resist weather damage, rust, warping, and excessive wear.

Besides the access doors highlighted here, there are many other designs to choose from. Some of them include plaster bead access doors, acoustical tiles access doors, and plastic access doors among others. Thus, it is essential to define your needs and choose the right access door.…

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