House Maintenance

How to Maintain Carpeted Floors

Having a carpet already requires high-maintenance, having a whole room with carpeted floors requires even more time and effort to maintain its cleanliness. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to clean it well, and you don’t want to end up with dusty and dirty carpets. Here are some tips on how to make sure your carpeted floors are always clean and fresh.

Vacuum it once a week

Vacuuming is an essential part of carpet maintenance. If you don’t have the time, you can invest on a robot vacuum cleaner. Make sure you do your research first and get ones recommended by an official website with excellent reviews. Vacuum your floors at least once a week, and this will prevent any piling of dust and dirt. You can do it every Sunday so that you can start the week with clean floors that will motivate you to get up in the morning.

Take more time vacuuming certain areas

You should generally take your time when vacuuming because vacuuming in a hurry will leave you with lots of dirt still left in the carpet. Focus on areas that are often stepped on and is at higher risk of having dust and dirt, such as the living room area or the area where there is storage (pile of books, for example). Go back to these certain areas once you are done with vacuuming the whole floor just to ensure that there isn’t any dirt left.

Fight odors with baking soda

You might have spilled something on your carpets that develops an odor, and you don’t know how to get rid of it. A well-known trick is to add baking soda in your vacuum cleaner to help fight odors. Only use about a teaspoon because too much can ruin your carpets. Never use soap or fragrance sprays in attempt to get rid of an odor coming from your carpet, as it will damage the material and make an even more intense odor.


Cluttering may work well with wooden or plain tile for flooring because dust can be easily cleaned. However, it won’t work well when you have carpeted floors. Piled dust is much harder to vacuum, you’d have to spend more time vacuuming that area, and it will leave you with a backache. Always declutter when you have carpeted floors, have one day every month where you focus on getting rid of any clutter. You can also invest in storage furnitures that doesn’t touch the floor, such as wall racks and shelves.

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House Maintenance

Common House Maintenance Problems

Becoming a homeowner comes with the responsibility of maintaining the house. However, there are inevitable problems that will occur from time to time that is related to house maintenance. If you’re a new homeowner, it is essential to know how to solve a maintenance problem in your house before it happens. To help you figure that out, here are a few of the most prevalent types of house maintenance you will likely have to deal with.


Once in a while, you will definitely experience a leaky faucet that is actually easy to fix. But that is not the only drainage problem you will experience in your house. Running toilet water, clogged pipes, and lagging water heater are all related to problems in the plumbing system. You can always call a plumber if it gets too much to handle. For example, calling emergency plumber  will be a convenient way to solve your plumbing problems when you don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to deal with them.


Termites and insects could be creeping around your house unseen as we speak. They are a nuisance to deal with especially if you hate dealing with bugs. Moreover, the average cost of damage caused by termites can add up to $3,000. To avoid that, homeowners can do a termite inspection once every few months and do a fumigation, spot treatments and set up baits.


Peeling paint

Water and pests can enter your home if you are not diligent with your home’s exterior paint. The cracks and small peels around the corners and by the edges of your door might seem like nothing, but it is a gateway for excess moisture from the air outside that can make your house damp. It is also where insects will reside. You can repaint these small areas yourself or call a professional painter if the peeling is already at large.



Of course, there would be other house maintenance problems that you’d have to deal with besides the ones we’ve listed for you. Depending on the type of house you have, your furniture and the appliances you install, the kind of maintenance problems you have may vary. This is the challenge that homeowners have to face. It’s a good idea to have a checklist ready for all your maintenance chores according to your home to quickly find and solve problems that may come with it.…

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